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GreatAp Chemicals Co. is one of Chinese chemical manufacturer devoted to kinds of fine & special chemicals with R & D, Production and International trade from 1992. We could produce the chemicals as followings:
Water treatment Chemicals,
Pharmaceutical & Dye intermediates,
Auxiliary Agent &Catalyst used in coating and oil refining industry and etc.

With a view to offer better goods and service for all our customers, we set up Langfang BLD trade Co.(BLD), which owns the right to export and import all kinds of commodities and technology directly by ourselves.

GreatAp Chem.-- BLD is the first one to produce and export pool chemicals-Polyquats., Polymaleic Acid and Potassium Borohydride with large quantity in China, and experienced in export of Sodium Borohydride and Dimethyl disulfide during years of business. Besides exporting and importing kinds of goods, we have done some engineerings, engineering supervision and design-build for ourselves and undertaken some contracts for customers home and abroad. Especially, keeping long-term good relationship with PROTECH Consultants Pvt.Ltd. in India, we always communicate with each other to promote more and more technology transfer and subsequent business by respective advantages.

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